Progress Documentation

4/2- Received most of the parts for the final project. We received the Arduino, the barrel jack converter, the GPS module, and the LCD shield. We had to solder some headers to the shields but thats all that we needed to do.

4/7- We were able to find a suitable library to get the GPS shield working. We used Tiny-GPS for calculating distances between two GPS points.

4/9- We were able to find a library for the LCD shield and get it to work. We had to resolder some of the wires to get it to work correctly, and that was what took us some extra days.

4/14- We have found a menu library to help us with our menu. We have added a driver, seven iron, and pitching wedge to track their average distances.

4/21- When putting everything together we could not get it to work. On this day we found out our problem. Our LCD Shield and our GPS Shield were using the same pins. We decided that we had to cut the traces on the GPS shield and bypass the 7 and 8 pins to the 10 and 11 pins. Once we did this we were able to get everything working together. The GPS was sending the correct data to the LCD and it was printing out the correct data.

4/23- Today we received our box to house the Arduino, GPS, and LCD together. It was as easy as screwing the  arduino into the bottom of the box that we received.

4/25- Everything was already working together, but we updated our code today to have an average distance for our driver. We could update the code even more to make it include more clubs, but the arduino had some trouble handling all the code.

4/29-Uploaded everything to

4/30- We had the best presentation ever.

Our main problem when working with this project was the fact that our two shields competed over pins. If this had not been the problem the coding would have went much smoother, but since this was happening even if our code in the begging was working we had no idea of knowing and we kept tweaking without knowing what the true problem was.

Time Spent on Project: 3o hours


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